Women of a Bugti family abducted by Army in Quetta

Quetta (Republican News) Pakistani security forces have abducted at least six persons of a Bugti family in Quetta.

According to details Pakistani security agencies have abducted six persons of a Bugti family including three women, a child and two aged man in a raid on Hazarganji Bus station on Thursday night.

Abductees have been named as 60 years old Haji Dost ali s/o Malook Bugti his 7 years old son, Amin Bugti, Fareed Bugti age 80, Izato d/o Malha Bugti, Murad khato d/o Nazagho Bugti and Mahnaz d/o Fareed Bugti.

Family of abductees appealed to the government of Balochistan and nationalist political parties to raise voice against abduction of women and children.

Its worth to mention here that a few days back 13 including women and children were abducted from Dera Bugti later army officers contacted family and demanded millions of rupees for the release of held women.

Similar incident occurred in far flung area of Awaran district where four women were abducted and later on charged with terrorism cases and facilitating Baloch militants.

After few days in illegal detention abducted women from Dera Bugti and Awaran were released.

The cases of abduction of women in Balochistan have recently increased. This is a new phenomenon in conflict-ridden Balochistan where cases of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of political activists, mostly men, have become a common occurrence.

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