Rajanpur: Eight intelligence officials killed in deadly ambush – BLT

Rajanpur (Republican News) Gunmen killed eight Pakistani intelligence officials in Rajanpur, Punjab.

According to details armed men ambush two vehicles of officials of Pakistan’s ISI in Rajanpur, a town in bordering area of Balochistan’s Dera Bugti district on Sunday evening.

Local sources told RNN that around two dozens armed men opened fire on officials convoy with heavy weapons, which resulted killing eights, injuring two others.

On the other hand Baloch Liberation Tigers spokesman Miran Baloch in a statement sent to RNN claimed responsibility of the attack.

Miran Baloch said that eights officials of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence killed while several were wounded in the attack.

He said that official were involved in enforced disappearances and custodial killings of Baloch youths.

BLT spokesman vowed to continue attacks against official of Pakistan and their collaborators.

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