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The BRSO condemned harassment of students in University of Balochistan, demanded fair inquiry

Press release: (Republican News) The spokesman of Baloch Republican Student Organization’s organizing body has categorically condemned the harassment of students in University of Balochistan.

He stated, “from the very first day Baloch students, though a systematic conspiracy are kept away from education; the installation of hidden surveillance cameras by which students are continuously harassed and later on blackmailed is a prime example of this policy, and many people from the Vice Chancellor of the University to lower staff are involved.”

He added,”This is egregious act. Surely it is done on the direction of a special class which harbors to keep Baloch student away from education.”
The Spokesman also shed light on the continuous presence of Frontier Corps and other security forces in the educational institutions of Balochistan,” University of Balochistan has already turned into a military camp purposely, so that the student may not concentrate on their education while living under the constant threat and shadow of fear, and the state remains successful in its egregious conspiracy. In fact this nothing but their miss perception.”

He clarified,” Previously the state through its paid organizations got Baloch Student tortured and tried to push them away from the blessings of education. The state in one hand claims and pretends to mitigate the miseries of Baloch nation; on the other hand, with its malicious acts bans the student’s organizations.”

The spokesman also demanded the immediate resignation of the Vice Chancellor of the University.

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