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US ban on BLA is beyond comprehension – BLA spokesperson

Quetta (Republican News) Jiyand Baloch, the official spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Army, has said that BLA is a moderate, secular and an armed defence organisation. BLA is resisting on its motherland against foreign intruders to protect its people. The international laws allow any person or nation to act in self defence. US State Department’s ban on BLA is beyond comprehension and unjustified.

BLA spokesperson further said that Baloch and US have a common enemy, the religious extremists that kill US soldiers and the state that helps these religious elements are not only enemies of US but also of Baloch. US instead of identifying its natural allies in the region has been a victim of Pakistani diplomatic blackmailing. Since 9/11 Pakistan has been using the religious extremists to blackmail America. The ban on BLA is a continuity of similar tactics.

Jiyand Baloch added that if fighting for national defence and independence is terrorism then the founder fathers of US that fought during US war of independence are also terrorists. In past, America has proscribed its natural allies like Kurds but later on the time proved that the same forces turned out to be the most trustworthy and steadfast allies in the war against terror.

Jiyand Baloch further added that BLA is abiding international laws while resisting against Pakistan and Chinese expansionist designs. If the international organisations analyse the terrorist organisation on evidential basis then ISI will be declared the largest terror geoup. ISI is targeting Baloch civilians on daily basis. It is the same state that harboured international terrorist Osama Bin Ladin.

BLA spokesperson said that Baloch is a nation with thousands of years of history, BLA is fighting a war that is not limited to one organisation but it is instead a national war, and a whole nation can never be declared as terrorists.

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