Government must build confidence for talks with Baloch Fighters – Akhtar Mengal

Quetta (Republican News) Member National Assembly Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal has said, the state still has time to bring back all disgruntled Baloch on negotiation table but first they have to create a free environment for talks added it might be difficult but not impossible.

Talking to a media organization on Thursday Sardar Akhtar Mengal said, Federal Government must have to build a confidence that they are ready to talk with Baloch fighters picked up arms against the state,

“Indeed it would be difficult task but first the state should provide them a conducive environment for talks.”

Mengal’s recent statement regarding talks with Baloch fighters surfaced after US State Department has listed Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) as International Terrorist Organization on Wednesday.

Talking on no-confidence move against Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani he said, Balochistan National Party was in favor of removal of Chairman Senate added during meeting with a delegation of Balochistan Awami Party we categorically told them we don’t want to save chairman senate,

“Following the political vandalism by Government of Balochistan against Balochistan National Party, I don’t think we would support BAP.”

Sardar Akhtar Mengal refuted speculation regarding his support for PTI against development packages added after BNP’s budget support 10 missing persons safely returned home which was not a bad deal,

“Development schemes for my constituency were already included in Federal PSDP, but now the center needs to be more serious toward Balochistan because the situation would be uncontrollable in the province if federal continues neglecting Balochistan.”

Mengal also added there was no difference in today’s Balochistan and Balochistan during Parvez Musharraf’s regime, “In 21st century major parts of Balochistan are dis-connected with rest of the world, many areas of Makran Division, Dera Bugt and Kholu have no access of communication,”

Sharing views on Government of Pakistan’s stance of Indian and Afghan involvement in disturbing peace in the country he said, if our Law Enforcement Agencies have any proof against Indian and Afghanistan that they have been fueling unrest in Balochistan, it should be produced in the Parliament.

Replying to query regarding PTI Government President BNP Mengal said, as compare with previous government, I believe that current Federal Government has more power regarding Balochistan, “We attempted to talk with previous government over provincial issues but they didn’t even has power to commence talks with provincial political parties in order to address Balochistan’s basic demands. ”

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