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Baloch resistance is in accordance with international laws – Bashir Zeb Baloch

Quetta (Republican News) Head of Baloch Liberation Army, Bashir Zeb Baloch, has said that Baloch are defending their motherland by resisting against foreign intruders China and Pakistan in accordance with the international laws and covenants.

Commenting on the recent ban by USA on BLA, Mr Zeb said that Pakistani proxies like Taliban have been violating all international laws and human values but US still opted to negotiate with them but it has proscribed BLA, a legitimate secular defence force that represents a nation.

He added that if there is any terrorist organisation then it is Pakistan’s ISI, which has been involved in spreading religious extremism and terror in the region consuming lives of millions of innocents in Balochistan and Afghanistan.

The BLA leader said that BLA is resisting against ISI and its proxies to make the region a safe and moderate place for all human beings where they can enjoy quality life irrespective of religion, gender, caste, age or other social divisions.

“We are fighting to defend our land and people and to restore the lost independence of our nation state. This is a right enshrined in international laws and principles”, Mr. Zeb said.

He urged US, EU and other civilised countries to analyse ‘Pakistani brutalities against Baloch civilians and the expansionist and militaristic designs of China to find out who is the real terrorist in the region.’

BLA leader Bashir Zeb said that the nations have regressed and ultimately exterminated by becoming victims of trepidation, cowardice and uncertainty. We are a proud nation and will continue our war of independence till the last bullet against the international terrorist Pakistan and its religious proxies.

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