Mismanage Baloch social media activists on divided table – Sarban Baloch

Quetta (Republican News) Those military generals wins the wars who honour and respect their ground warriors and focus on their physical and mental readiness.

Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan.”UnknownSocial media use has grown rapidly over the last decade. Today world use a wide range of social media.

It is a modern way of political engagement to highlight issues to convey their message . Modern era considers the effectiveness and vulnerability of social media. It is impressive platform and toil to get social and political goals by gaining attention of people. It creates sustained movement for social change.

Social media give a chance to speak underdressed groups and classes. It has played a prominent role in raising awareness regarding important social, economical and political issues which being unnoticeable in mainstream mediaSocial media platform give a chance for everyone to express his views regarding any issue.

Social media day by day getting strong roots on human culture. From latest survey conducted by PEW research centre half of American citizen engage is political and social minded activity in the past year.

Sharing ، encouraging ، commenting ، forwarding ، like unlike ، using hashtags and twitting are main actions media activist use to show their response.

Researcher on social media believe that social media as a free and powerful platform make it effective for accountable powerful people accountable for their actions which was not easy in electronic media, which is in under control by big media houses which are funded by big corporate those have their own political and economical agenda. With the growth of technology in every aspect of human society developed which boosted human resources and helped the human race in every field.

Social media in modern era which bring his own laws and above the norms which generally follows. Regarding social media, we need to train social media activist and give guidelines for the awareness campaigns. By training people properly we can get much better results.Baloch political circles have a very well educated section of youth people which need to properly guidelines and a working framework.

If Baloch social media activist focus on their work, we can get good results.There are many basic issues that need to be addressed. Our leaders, especially our educated cadre class is not paying due attention to these problems which we are facing on social media activism.

If all Baloch pro independent parties together create a joint media group and people connected to the media are placed in a suitable platform, we can get much fruitful results.  It has been seen that our people are not properly trained and mostly criticise each other this trend produce confusion hatred within our ranks.

All of us know that the electronic media in Pakistan is under the state control. They do not have any of their free status Punjabi state imposing their own will on them. All those media groups living in the state’s jurisdiction will expect the voices of our people to move forward, nothing but foolishness.

To move our message forward, we have to expand our scope and we need to draft a comprehensive plan, we need a strong team who need to work hard on that issue that will give us good results and thereby bring our voices and Baloch cases before the civilised world community.

If the process of division is not stopped, its results will be very damaging this will increase the distance and cause us to face losses in our movement.To get success in this movement, we have to look at all our mistakes, It is very important to review the history in these situations and we need to learn the lesson from our past experience and to correct our weaknesses, if it has not been done, we have to be defeated.

keeping us all ground realities its a demand to form a new strategy which should be fruitful for our movement.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy of the Republican News”

Written by: Sarban Baloch

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