Crackdown on Baloch students, a reaction of a Chinese consulate attack

Quetta (Republican News) After the attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi, incidents of enforced disappearances in Balochistan has increased dramatically.

The families of missing persons have been protesting from last many days for the safe recovery of their loved ones in the cold weather of Quetta. While on the other hand the State armed forces with the help of Intelligence Agencies conducting raids all over Balochistan and disappearing unarmed and innocent people.

The recent increase of enforced disappearances cases might be a reaction of the Chinese consulate attack of Baloch Liberation Army on 23, 2018 in Clifton, Karachi. The Pakistani paramilitary forces abducting students and unarmed civilian to please China.

On November 30, Pakistani armed forces raided the house of Senior Joint Secretary of Baloch Students Organization (BSO) namely Jiyand Baloch in Quetta and took Jiyand Baloch along with his father Qayoom Baloch into illegal custody. Their whereabouts remain unknown.

Jiyand is a student of Bahauddin Zakria University in Multan.

On Dec 1, The paramilitary forces abducted a Baloch student from Balgatar, he was traveling from Quetta to Balgatar to attend his brother’s marriage. Dolat s/o Khuda Bakhsh

Doulat Khan s/o Wahid Bakhsh residence of Kellag Jakki area of Gwarkop of district Kech is a first-year student. Since his illegal arrest, he’s missing and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Chairman Zareef Rind, General Secretary Changez Baloch and Information Secretary Aurangzaib BalochOn Dec 5, The State forces abducted the cabinet members of the Baloch Students Organization, previously known as the Baloch Students Organization (Pajjar).

Chairman Zareef Rind, General Secretary Changez Baloch and Information Secretary Aurangzaib Baloch have gone missing after allegedly being arrested by the personnel of the State intelligence agencies.

The recent attack on the Chinese consulate unnerved Pakistani intelligence agencies and armed forces, they are targetting unarmed innocent civilians to take revenge of Karachi attack.

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