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Quetta (Republican News) Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti was one of a kind. A man who never retired from leading his people until the very last day of his life. No matter how much one writes in the description to him, it would never be equal to the person he truly was. Starting from his 20s to his 80s, Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti’s performance as a leader was as strong as a mountain and as in discipline as nothing.

He aged physically, of course, but there was no sign of aging in his mentality, consistency, and determination. From the harsh weathers of Dera Bugti to the rough mountains of Taratani, nothing could weaken his feet from walking towards the goal of a better tomorrow for his people. He never compromised in the case of what he demanded, which was the well being, rights and prosperity of his people.

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Dada Sain truly believed in the equality and rights of his people and struggled his entire life to bring justice to them. He once said, “Everyone wishes to be free, nobody likes to be a slave, everyone wants to be master of what genuinely belongs to them, that’s what we want.” His determination was one, in many things, that distinguished him as a leader compared to the rest of them. Like many would be, he was never afraid to stand for what he deemed right, no matter how powerful of a force he was standing against. His determination, unlike anyone’s, was as genuine as himself.

He never backed off from a statement he made, although he was a human being, I do not recall a time he was afraid to say something he wanted to say or do whatever he wanted to do, because he was never unjust in his actions.

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Therefore, nothing could break his determination or weaken his courage. He knew he was standing against a powerful force, but that did not frighten him a bet to compromise from demanding the rights of his people and standing for their prosperity. He said, “They are powerful, they can kill, destroy and bring havoc upon us, but we too, in our defense, shed a few drops of their blood”.

Nawab Sahib was peaceful of a leader, and it was the misconception of the Generals who thought that they would frighten the lion by a roar that truly belongs to him, from birth. “ I will be beheaded, but I will never bow down to an oppressor” Shaheed in his wise words. Injustice and inequality were the last things he would have wanted to compromise. He lived in one corner of Balochistan but kept an eye on the people on the other corner of it. Nawab sahib said “I will never let this land to be divided as long as I am alive.

Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti, whom I, by all the love in my heart call Dada Sain, will always be remembered and have the highest place in our hearts and minds.

Written by: Gull Nawaz Bugti


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