Baloch educated class and hot dogs

Quetta (Republican News) Education is the most important factor for the growth and success of a society. It is the only tool that enlightens the people about their being, their surroundings, their history and every other aspect of their lives.

If we talk about the struggles of oppressed nations for their rights and a better future, It is again education which was used, still being used and will forever be used as the most effective and powerful weapon against their oppressors.

It is also a fact that every powerful tool is vulnerable of falling into wrong hands and being misused. The same is the case is with any powerful idea if it is coupled with bad intentions or immature thinking. One might wonder what it has to do with education and how does this apply to education?

It applies to education the same way it applies to science or religion or any other man-made invention or human conceived idea.

Take religion for example, there was a time religion, generally speaking, organised and provided moral values to human society ripped with barbaric traditions and atrocious rules. At the same time, it is the religion which motivated hundreds of thousands being massacred in the name of God. The biggest threat faced by the world is still religiously motivated people who believe god has given them full authority to maim, torture and massacre innocent people in his name.

What happened to science is almost the same. It gave solutions to all our problems from very basic need of communication to cure of deadly diseases. From most sophisticated scientific inventions to modern technologies to predicting natural disasters to flying to the moon and exploring deep space, science has an answer for everything. Or at least strives to get an answer for everything.

At the same time, the most dangerous threat to mankind and to the world is an invention of science. The nuclear bomb. What the world has witnessed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is fireworks compared to what has been developed and ready to be loaded to warheads ever since.

Anyways, these are two extremes of very useful human inventions or ideas. Our problem is not that big. We are facing rather a tiny portion of these global issues. Just to make it bit more clear, our problem is more like a fake doctor who uses the same medicines for all types of illnesses compared to the scientist who invented the nuclear bomb.

Now, what has this all got to do with education or educated Baloch class? Well, it has a lot to do with it. In order to elaborate a little, let me tell you a small story: I grew up in a small village in Dera Bugti. Life was so simple in the village. Most of the people, like the rest of Baluchistan, were uneducated. They never went to school.

The standards of being educated were really different from what is normally known as an educated person anywhere in the world. For example, someone being able to write his name would suffice for him to be called educated or someone who knew how to give an injection would be proud in being called a doctor by the rest of villagers.

As the saying goes ‘In the land of the blind, one-eyed man is the king’. Such an ‘educated person’ might be considered king his village or area where he lives but he is certainly not fit  for even a decent conversation with any college student.

I do not want to generalize but unfortunately the same seems to be the case with our so-called “educated class”. Hailing from a tribal background (which I am really proud of), I always thought that we had a non-tribal, educated class who understood the world affairs and who (at least some of them) had personalities of international caliber.

Turns out I was extremely exaggerating and being unrealistically optimistic. My wishful thinking shattered thanks to social media where all of our ‘educated class’ leadership is very active. I was very disappointed at first to see my hopes vanish but then I am also happy to know the bitter truth.

The way our such ‘leaders’ post naïve tweets (and then delete them, repost and delete again) or react immaturely to news reports, mostly propaganda material by international media outlets, says a lot about their personality and their standard of being ‘educated’.

We do not need idealistic opinions or mere rhetoric, which these ‘leaders’ seemed to have championed but rather a realistic and promising policy which is aligned with the international scenario. I am really not ready accept someone as a leader who doesn’t understand the dynamics of international politics.

Only being able to read and write is not enough for us to get us through all these difficult times and lead us to the bright future we aspire and struggle for. Having read a few books should not fool us into believing we know it all.

Once a friend, who could read and write (just like the ‘educated’ village guy), travelled abroad to visit a friend. His friend took him to show him the city and they bought some sandwiches on their way.

While enjoying his sandwich, this guy asked his friend about what was the sandwich made of. His friend replied: “Hotdogs”. Before he could say anything else, this ‘educated’ guy threw away his sandwich and started vomiting, which continued for hours.

Without listening to a word from his friend, he emptied his stomach and almost barfed his heart out.

All this because he thought he knew what “hotdogs” were: Hot Dogs!

Written by: Qambar Bugti


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